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Volume 1
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Volume 01

Volume Info
Volume: 1
ISBN (JP): 978-408873128X
ISBN (US): 978-1421518060
Release Date (JP) June 9, 2001
Year Released (US) April 1, 2008
Pages 192
Volume Chronology
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Viu Bannes (ビュー=バンズ, Byū Banzu) is the 1st volume in the series.

Cover CharactersEdit



In the Old West only the strong survive. Viu Bannes is a boy on a mission to be the best gunfighter in the West. When Viu meets a vagabond gunslinger named Marcus Homer, his desire to be the best becomes even stronger. He knows it's his destiny to travel to the legendary land known as Gun Blaze West--where only the toughest gunmen dare set foot!


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