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Gun Blaze West
Volume 01
Title: Gun Blaze West (ガン ブレイズ ウエスト)
Author: WATSUKI Nobuhiro
Original Run: December 11, 2000 – July 30, 2001
Published by: Weekly Shounen Jump (Shueisha)
Volumes: 3 (28 Chapters)
Genre: Action / Adventure / Historical / Shounen

Gun Blaze West (ガン ブレイズ ウエスト, Gan Bureizu Uesuto) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by WATSUKI Nobuhiro. The manga was released in english by Viz Media.


19th century, America - Legend has it that in the far West lies a sacred land called Gun Blaze West, and only the strong are able to set foot in that land. Viu Bannes, a cheerful and persistent boy, aspires to become a gunshooter and yearns to travel to the West to test his strength. He befriends a vagabond, Marcus Homer, and they both decide to set off on a journey to find Gun Blaze West. Thus an exciting journey to the West begins...


The manga was re-released as 2 bunko-ban edition volumes in August and September in 2011. The bunko volumes contained a new cover artworks specifically drawn by the author.

Manga GuideEdit


# Release date Volume
1 June 9, 2001 Japan April 1, 2008 American Volume 1
Synopsis: In the Old West only the strong survive. Viu Bannes is a boy on a mission to be the best gunfighter in the West. When Viu meets a vagabond gunslinger named Marcus Homer, his desire to be the best becomes even stronger. He knows it's his destiny to travel to the legendary land known as Gun Blaze West--where only the toughest gunmen dare set foot!
Volume 01
List of Chapters:
2 September 9, 2001 Japan July 1, 2008 American Volume 2
Synopsis: Five years after Marcus Homer's death, Viu's training is complete and he begins his quest in earnest. While passing through St. Louis, Viu meets Will Johnston, a rope master who shares Viu's mission... and tenacity. Has Viu found a new rival in Will, or a new partner?
Volume 02
List of Chapters:
3 November 7, 2001 Japan October 7, 2008 American Volume 3
Synopsis: Viu Bannes continues his journey with rope master Will Johnston and knife-throwing Colice. This final volume has the gang up against multiple powerhouses--an eye patch-wearing tough guy with a mechanical arm and an army of armored knights! Has Viu trained enough to defeat them all and make it to Gun Blaze West?!
Volume 03
List of Chapters:

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